Chronic Pain Reliefs – How Do I Soothe My Pain?

chronic pain reliefs
Chronic Pain

Have you ever had a feeling that your back is aching more and more? And is your pain so bad, that you can’t even remember when it started, and even worse: when it ever has stopped? Are you in a state of constant sorrow, because it doesn’t get better although you’re taking painkillers, opioids and other remedies?

In this case, you’re probably a case of a chronic pain patient. Pain has no start and no end – it’s just there – everywhere, at any time. From the moment you wake up until you go to bed, sometimes even while you sleep.

My story is just like that. About 10 years ago I had 2 rather complicated surgeries on my lower back due to some lumbar disk herniation. I got implanted two titan spinal disc implants which helped for a while. But since then I’ve been reliant on taking pills, mostly opioids and tranquilizers. In 2014 the amount of prescription drugs I’ve been taking was that high that I had to go on a rehab center. It was a tremendous bad ass torture for me. My body was constantly shaking, my face seemed to be hemiplegic as if I had a stroke, I had perception disorder from time to time – it was a very tough procedure.

At that time I learned a lot about myself and how to handle my illness. After that experience I began to discover different alternative methods and dietary supplements like e.g. CBD Oil, to cope with my symptoms. I call it my personal list of chronic pain reliefs.

Method No. 1 – Learn To Relax

This might sound quite simple, but the truth is: getting into a state of relaxation with chronic pain issues can be a real mission impossible. You simply are way too tense to even consider the possibility of relaxing or even meditating. You just don’t know how to find your way into it. So the first rule of getting into relaxation is creating your own private starting point that allows you to perform your exercises.

I personally go on a dog-walk or take just a few steps around the block to settle down and clear my mind and reset my brain to a calmer state. It takes time to let go your permanently agony-dominated thoughts. Just find a way to prepare yourself for relaxing by leaving your familiar environment for a few moments. Then find a room where no-one can disturb you, switch of your cellphone, and lay down on a soft mat or blanket – anything you feel comfortable on will do. As soon as you feel ready to go: Breathe!

Method No. 2 – Learn How To Breathe

Learning to breathe? What the heck is that supposed to mean? What sounds ridiculously easy to most people, is a difficult issue for those who do not breathe properly. And how could they? I know how hard it was for me in the beginning to do breathing correctly. In case, you’re a chronic pain patient you‘ll know what I‘m talking about. Every deep breath goes along with the constant pain it causes. Breathing in feels like a big rock pressing against your chest, breathing out can feel like being stabbed from behind.

What I‘ve learned and what I found most suitable for me is the following routine:

  • Slowly but deeply breathe in through your nose and become aware that it‘s fresh and energizing air that fills your lungs. Perhaps you want to think of a lush green forest or a fresh, blue mountain landscape when you‘re doing it.
  • Hold your breath for no longer than 1-2 seconds
  • Then exhale slowly through your light open mouth visualizing that all negative feelings and bad energy are leaving your body.
  • Repeat that 10-15 times and by doing that your body is getting set to practice some relaxation exercises.
  • It helps a lot to listen to some soothing music while doing that. For me the music of Deuter (just search this term on Spotify or similar) helps a lot. Some people prefer different types of music – my wife e.g. likes Foo Fighters to settle down. Binaural Sounds are great as well. There is no right or wrong – if it works, everything is fine.

Method No. 3 – Relaxation Techniques

You‘re ready now to begin with the practice. For me one of the best methods and top of my chronic pain reliefs exercises is the Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It is based on the concept of tensing and relaxing the muscles of the upper and lower extremities of your body one after another. The exercises are available for example on YouTube and of course on every streaming platform as well. Just type in “Jacobson PMR” in the search window and go for it.

Apart from Deep Meditation, which takes you much longer to prepare and execute, this is the method that works best for me. No other routine soothes the body and mind better at the same time. And the best thing is: It’s for free and takes you no longer than 15-20 minutes, which is doable for everyone. Try it!

Method No. 4 – CBD Oil

To get into a calm state, sometimes breathing properly isn’t enough. As I mentioned before, I’ve been taking opioids over the years to compensate that. But I had to learn it the hard way that this a road to nowhere. Luckily there are better ways to accomplish what academic medicine and the pharmaceutical industry can’t.

One is called CBD OIL.


Almost everyone who suffers from chronic pain has considered the possibility trying or even actually consumed cannabis to cure his illness. But not everyone likes the psychoactive “sideeffects” caused by the containing component THC. The solution to this dilemma is named CBD (Cannabidiol). This substance is available in different forms, as soft gels, liquids or, what I personally prefer, as oil. CBD Oil has all the positive qualities of cannabis but comes without the high-making THC. Instead of that CBD has a soothing, relaxing effect with no side effects at all. It lets you sleep better and reduces the sensibility for pain. I have been experiencing a lot of advantages from this substance, foremost the ability reduce the amount of opioids, tranquilizers and other remedies to a minimum.

CBD Oil is derived from organic industrial hemp and has no psychoactive properties. And the best thing is: it is 100% legal.


I have shown you different ways to chronic pain reliefs. They do work for me, and I’m an experienced patient concerning that kind of illness. It does not mean it works for everybody, but I’ve met many fellow sufferers over the years, who performed my methods effectively. They are not the holy bible but can help you to deal with pain better. I surely did not reinvent the wheel, but I’m pretty convinced, that I modified the techniques I’ve learned over the years, into exercises that are easy to apply. Especially CBD Oil helped me to finally find the ease that made relaxation for me possible at last. I would be very pleased if you leave me a comment here and share your experiences.






  1. Great information. My father suffers from chronic back pain and I was searching on the internet for a long time to find some remedy for him to get relief. I am so glad that I found your article. We will definitely try all your 4 methods. I am really happy to know that you got relief from CBD oil, did you try any other oil?
    Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

    • Hi Chloe, thanks for your nice comment. I’m really happy that I gave you a good advice for your fathers pain issues. I myself haven’t tried any other oil but cbd. But what helps me also to cope with my pain, is MSM powder. It has a positive effect on nerves which are affected. I will write about it in one of my following posts.

  2. These are very helpful tips on pain relief which I can recommend to many of my friends and family. I like the aspect that, they are practical and can be followed by anybody.

    Pain is never a pleasant feeling at all. Even if it’s for a short period of time, it’s effects are not easy to deal with. Trying to imagine chronic pain, it’s not easy.

    Thank you for the insights, it is really worth trying. Another aspect I like about the tips is the fact that , they promote relaxation of the body and mind. Even when there is no pain, I think these are routine exercises crucial for our body and mind.

  3. Thanks Attlee, your comment is very much appreciated. You’re absolutely right: These exercises not only work for chronic pain reliefs, but also as part of an everyday routine for everybody to balance body and mind.

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