Using CBD Hemp Oil For Pain – A Natural Alternative

As I mentioned before, the one thing aside from relaxation techniques that helps me most, is using CBD hemp oil for pain. This essence has lots of benefits, not only for pain of the lower back and other regions of the body. As much as medical marijuana is preferred by many patients that suffer from different illnesses, CBD Oil can be an alternative to those, who want to cure themselves with the help of Cannabidiol without the psychoactive side effects occurring when consuming cannabis. I’ve been taking this wonderful oil for 2 years now and although it is not the cheapest of methods, I wouldn’t definitely go away from it? Why? I will tell you in the following.

What Exactly Is CBD Hemp Oil?

To be honest, when I heard about cbd hemp oil for the first time, my reaction was: Whaaat? That cannot be legal, or
even helpful for my chronic pain issues, not to mention. I imagined it to be a substance that is difficult to get and most likely ineffective for my needs. At that time I was strictly reliant on painkillers like opioids and tranquilizers to scratch along with my illness, as I mentioned in my last blog post. But I wanted to get rid of these remedies – so I began to research what CBD actually is and what it contains. Basically cbd hemp oil is all-natural cannabidiol oil derived from organic industrial hemp. The big difference between CBD and the THC-containing cannabis/marijuana is: It has no psychoactive effect.

It contains naturally occurring cannabidiol, terpenes and other cannabinoids which supports the well-being of the body. Cannabidiol itself is a cannabinoid. The human body has many receptors, which can react on cannabinoids – the most popular ones are

  • cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1)
  • cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2)

CB1 is situated in the central nervous system, CB2 is situated on cells of the human immune system and cells that control the metabolism of the bones. Both receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system, which regulate body cycles like e.g. pain perception, anxiety, performance of the immune system, mood, body temperature and so on.

What Effects Does CBD Oil Have On Your Body?

Before I go scientific, I want to tell you how cbd oil influences my own body. As I wrote in my last post, I am suffering from chronic illness and replaced almost all the painkillers I’ve been taking before through cbd hemp oil for pain. In my case I drizzle a few drops under my tongue and keep it in my mouth for about a minute before swallowing it slowly down. After a few minutes I get into a calmer state, feel relaxed. What impresses me most after consuming CBD oil is the fact that I lose my anxiety. To me that is one of the greatest effects, since I’ve had developed an almost unbearable fear of taking the next step or walk over the years. Even the tiniest things can be huge obstacles when visualizing your chronic pain issues and how to deal with them in everyday life. I myself lost confidence in me and everything I had to accomplish so much, that it became a pain factor on its own. Since taking cbd oil I rediscovered my self-confidence, fought my permanent anxiety, found back into life. It does not mean that my pain disappeared – maybe in my dreams it did. In my case it took away the fear of it – and that is way more than every opioid-, tranquilizer- or other painkiller-pill has ever accomplished.

What is known about cannabidiol and its multiple characters is, that it binds to the above-mentioned receptors in the body. The effects are:

  • pain-relieving
  • tranquilizing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-psychotic
  • anxiety-resolving

Thanks to its antioxidant characteristics cannabidiol can protect the cells of negative influences. In some studies it is even reported to have an effect on the growth of cancer cells. I cannot confirm that, because neither I nor anyone in my private environment is concerned by this dreadful illness or has tried out CBD.

My doctors told me a few years ago, that my pains will never go for the rest of my life, since the operations of my lower back were a failure and the consequences are irreversible. That was the point when I decided not to accept this perspective and fortunately I found my solution in cbd oil.

How Often Can I Use CBD Hemp Oil For Pain?

That question is difficult to answer. One thing I found out for myself is, that it is almost impossible “to overdose”.
Some days I take 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops about half an hour before I go to sleep. On extremely hard days I increase up to 3 times a day with about 6-7 drops per serving. The amount you should take mainly depends on the concentration of the oil you choose. The oil comes in different concentrations – you can have a look on the website of my favorite vendor CBDPure. My suggestion is to start with a lower concentration to approach slowly to your personal needs. The motto is: less is more. After a short period you will know what is the right dosage and concentration for yourself. Since I have a very high pain level, I prefer the CBDPure Hemp Oil 600. Feel free to start with a lower one, e.g. 100 or 300. What works, is right.

What Are The Alternatives? MSM Powder Can Help

Over the years I discovered another dietary supplement, that also supports the body to cope with pain better. Its name is methylsulfonylmethane, better known as organic MSM. MSM also has some positive effects, partially quite similar to those cbd oil has. It comes in the form of white powder that can be stirred into beverages (you should do so, because its taste isn’t particularly delicious). Apart from pain, it is said to have also positive impact on skin problems like Rosacea and allergies. What’s most important to me is the fact that MSM helps my body to adapt to stress. If you know what chronic pain is, you certainly know that your entire body is in a permanent stress mode. In that concern this powder is an excellent addition to my daily routine.


With CBD hemp oil for pain and MSM powder, you have two incredibly powerful helpers to avoid or at least reduce medication with opioids and painkillers effectively. I’ve been a pain patient the doctors called “therapeutically no longer treatable”. I found proof for myself and hopefully for all my readers, that this must not be the end of efforts. My suggestion is to give these supplements a chance, and I cross fingers that they work for you as well as they did for me.






  1. I actually want to consume this oil for pain relieving
    and anti inflammatory benefits. However I do intermittent fasting and I want to consume it before I break my fast. I heard that it can yield better results.
    Do you recommend this and do you have any experiences with this?

    • Actually I do intermittent fasting, too. I‘m doing it for almost 4 years now in a 36/12 cycle. That means I only eat every second day and consume liquid nutrition on my fasting days. The important thing is, not to consume sugar on your fasting days – cbd oil is uncritical in that respect. So you shouldn‘t experience any negative effects then.

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